Second Semester Classes
Currently enrolled families register by sending an email to  New families are welcome!  Go to our registration page to print a registration form.  Second-semester classes do have a reduced registration/application fee. 

ONLINE CLASS!!  HS Psychology

Teacher: Alex Dove  '
This introduction to psychology class is designed to give a brief overview of the scientific study of the mind. Over the course of the class, we will cover the history and follies of psychology through modern developments and schools of thought, covering a wide variety of topics from the clinical to the development of the human mind to how optical illusions are able to trick a person's perception about the world around them. The class will be all online with the study material being provided via powerpoint presentations. A strong emphasis will be placed on 
class discussion in the form of students being required to ask a question about the weekly material to dive deeper than the powerpoint will allow. There will be weekly homework that will quickly cover each section of material and two tests that will cover half of the material each. Extra credit can be earned through case studies or examples from real life that illustrate what we are studying during a particular week.    
Day/Time: Flexible as this is 100% online but does have required due dates for work.  
Tuition: $195  
Text:  No purchase required, all reading materials will be online

ONLINE CLASS!!  HS American History Semester 1
(Semester 2 to be offered over the summer)
Teacher: Tanya Williamson
Description: This ONLINE course will utilize the BJU text coupled with Powerpoints, videos, and guided note taking sheets. Additional online discussions will provide an opportunity for students to engage with one another and the teacher.   It will provide a positive, patriotic approach to American history brings to life events and personalities that have shaped America and places a special emphasis on America's Christian past. This semester will cover the Age of Discovery through the Civil War and Reconstruction era.  This class will have two projects and a  Final Exam.
Day/Time: Flexible as this is 100% online but does have required due dates for work  
Tuition: $200 per semester course/$40 per month   
Text: BJU Press United States History, 4th Edition, Student Text 

MS/HS Photography
Teacher: Anne Swinson
This middle/high school photography course is divided into two sections - Rules of Composition, which refers to arranging the visual elements in your image to draw the viewer’s eye, and Photojournalism - using images to tell a story. This class will double as our CCA yearbook & photography club. Photography homework assignments will be turned in via email.
*This course DOES NOT require the student to have any specific kind of camera.  They can do this course with a
dslr, point & shoot, or a phone camera.
Day/Time: Thursday 12:25
Tuition: $195
Text: None
Supply/Copy Fee: $40

SAT Prep (Spring semester)
Teacher:  Anna Rogness
Description:  This twelve-week course will help prepare your student for the SAT through practice tests, weekly reading, vocabulary lists, reviewing attack strategies, and weekly Q&A.   It is designed to provide students with the tools to allow each student to perform at his or her best on the SAT.  The course will consist of three classes focused on Critical Reading, three classes focused on Critical Writing and three classes focused on Math with an additional class focused on the optional essay.  Students will practice basic SAT testing strategies and work on the three areas of the new SAT test. The course will focus on developing critical thinking skills and using alternative methods to solve problems. Subjects covered include: when (not) to use a calculator, choosing an answer by process of elimination, grammar review, and metacognition. While whole group instruction will be integral to our class sessions, students will also work in small groups and independently to ensure optimal individual progress.  The math portion covers a review of Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II through sample problems. The reading/writing portion will include great test-taking tips for understanding vocabulary context, identifying passage tone and purpose and the intent of the author through evidence. Students will have assignments on the discussed skills as well as practice sessions in class and at home.
Day/Time:  Thursdays, 12:25-1:25
Text: The Official SAT Study Guide (ISBN 978-1457304309)
Tuition Fee: $200.00 per semester course/$40.00 per month 

Personal Finance (Spring semester)
Teacher:  Anna Rogness
This 15-week class will be geared for the average junior.  It will teach and prepare students for the adult responsibility of finances and will utilize Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance homeschool curriculum.  We will look at finances and economics with a Christian perspective and how it applies to us.  Projects and discussions will make finances come alive and help students realize that they can get on track NOW for their financial future!
Day/Time:  Mondays, 12:10-1:25
Text: Foundations in Personal Finance workbooks will be ordered for you. The workbook is included in the tuition fee.
Copy/Supply Fee:  None
Tuition Fee: $150.00 per semester/$30.00 per month