Teacher: Amber Fischer  '
Description: This introduction to psychology class is designed to give a brief overview of the scientific study of the mind. Over the course of the class, we will cover the history of psychology which developed into modern practice and schools of thought. While covering a wide variety of topics from clinical diagnoses to the development of the human mind, we will also discuss things such as how optical illusions are able to trick a person's perception. The class will be entirely online with the book and other materials being provided via iGrade in the form of PowerPoint presentations, YouTube videos and Prezi. There will be weekly homework that will quickly cover each section of material and two tests that will cover half of the material each. One case study will be assigned to relate the course learnings to life around us. The frequent checking of email for further instruction is imperative. 
Day/Time: Flexible as this is 100% online but does have required due dates for work.  
Tuition: $200
Text:  No purchase required, all reading materials will be online

ONLINE CLASS!!  HS American History 
Teacher: Tanya Williamson
Description: This ONLINE course will utilize the BJU text coupled with Powerpoints, videos, and guided note-taking sheets. Additional online discussions will provide an opportunity for students to engage with one another and the teacher.   It will provide a positive, patriotic approach to American history that brings to life events and personalities that have shaped America and places a special emphasis on America's Christian past. This semester will cover the Age of Discovery through the Civil War and Reconstruction era.  This class will have two projects and a  Final Exam.
Day/Time: Flexible as this is 100% online but does have required due dates for work  
Tuition: $345 per year/$34.50 per month  
Text: BJU Press United States History, 4th Edition, Student Text 

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