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MS American History
Teacher: Kristin Brown
Description: We will be doing Part 2 of a 2-year study of American History, but feel free to jump in even if you weren’t here for part 1!  This study begins in the late 1800s and goes through the present.  Using American the Beautiful book 2 as our text, our study will be chronological and cover American history and geography from a Christian worldview.  Class time may include review, taking basic note and learning how to read for information, and hands-on activities.  Students will have projects throughout the year that will be completed at home. 
Texts:  America the Beautiful (book 2), Student Lesson Review and Student Workbook and Maps of America the Beautiful
Copy Fee: $25
Tuition: $370 per year/$37 per month

7th- 8th Grade Civics/Geography
Teacher: Denise Barisano
Description: In the fall semester, students will begin with civics, learning about America’s Founding Documents, our Founding Fathers, the branches of the government, voting, and elections by use of our textbook, projects, and games.  In the spring semester, students will switch to world geography, learning about Virginia, the United States, and TRAVELING the 7 continents studying the physical geography and the culture, while sampling food from each continent.  There will be a minimum of one field trip during the school year.
Text: Uncle Sam and You Part 1 (ONLY); Notgrass Company 2012  (Fall Semester)
Rand McNally Classroom Atlas of the World; 2015 or newer (Spring Semester)
Copy Fee:  $15 per student per year
Tuition Fee: $370.00 per year/$37.00 per month

HS World History - Creation thru Today (1 year Program)
Teacher: Tanya Williamson
Description:  Using James Stobaugh’s World History: Observations and Assessments from Early Cultures to Today the students will learn a comprehensive overview of world history.  Additional handouts, including primary sources, maps, and timelines will be used with this class to enhance the details of certain time periods.  Also, classtime will discussions that encourage students to think about past historical events and how they can learn from them and relate them to current event.  This will be an exciting new approach for students to understand the hand of God in the shaping of history of our world!!
Text: World History: Observations and Assessments from Creation to Today, Student Book by James Stobaugh  ISBN 0890516480
Copy Fee: $15.00 per student per year
Tuition Fee: $395.00 per year/$39.50 per month

HS World History I – Creation – Age of Discovery  (Year 1 of 2 Year History Program)
Teacher: Tanya Williamson
Description:  This course begins the study of the world when it began at Creation. Using the Bible as our lens, we will study the world in depth through the era of exploration.  Students will have the opportunity to express mastery of the material through various learning styles and will include comprehension, writing, artwork, oral and visual projects, Socratic seminars, worksheets, and tests/quizzes, including both a Midterm and Final Exam.
Text: BJU Grade 10 World History, 4th Edition, Student Book.  We will use the FIRST half off the text. (If you purchase a used book that has used activities at the end, you will need to purchase a new Student Activities Book; it is included with a new text but can be purchased separately.)  
Copy Fee: $20.00 per student per year
Tuition Fee: $395.00 per year/$39.50 per month

High School Geography
Teacher: Tanya Williamson
Description:  Using the Abeka curriculum coupled extensive handouts we will tour other lands and learn about their cultures, religion, current events and geography.
Texts: Abeka World Geography, Grade 9, Student Text, 2nd edition AND the accompanying Map Studies Workbook AND the Test/Quiz Workbook       
Copy Fee: $20.00 
Tuition Fee: $395.00 per year/$39.50 per month

High School American History
Teacher: Tanya Williamson
Description: This positive, patriotic approach to American history brings to life events and personalities that have shaped America and places a special emphasis on America's Christian past. United States History recounts the story of our nation's history from its discovery and colonization up to the present day. Special attention is given to God's providence and America's Christian heritage.  This class will have both a Midterm and Final Exam.
Text: BJU Press United States History, 4th Edition for both texts, Student Text and Student Activity Book,ISBN-13: 9781606820063 and ISBN-13: 9781606820056
Copy Fee: $25 per student per year
Tuition Fee: $395.00 per year/$39.50 per month

Government & Economics 
Teacher: Denise Barisano
Description:  These one semester courses are Christian based, covering the Biblical basis of government, the American Constitution, the federal, state, and local governments, economics in the early church, markets, trade, money, business, and much more.  Students will learn through class discussions, individual and group projects, and games.  Each course consists of 15 units and 3 exams.  There will be a minimum of one field trip during the school year.
Text:  Exploring Government; Ray Notgrass; ISBN 978-1-60999-100-5; 2016 edition. AND Exploring Economics; Ray Notgrass; ISBN 978-1-60999-094-7; 2016 edition. No additional books needed.        
Copy Fee: $10.00 per student per year
Tuition Fee: $445.00 per year/$44.50 per month
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