7-12 Language
​Arts 2020-21

“One need not burn the books to destroy a culture; one merely needs to stop reading” (Bradbury).


MS Literature
Teacher:  Shona Bracco
DescriptionJoin us this year as we read a variety of wonderful literature: a classic by Charles Dickens, the story of a young man who lived during the time of Jesus,  and the biography of an Olympic runner.    
Class time will be spent learning literary terms and discussing our current literature book. Weekly assignments will include vocabulary exercises, literature reading, and comprehension questions. We will also continue to strengthen our writing skills through a variety of assignments based on our literature reading. 

This class has a 2-year rotation of assignments so that students can take this in both 7th and 8th grade. 
Novels: The Christmas Carol (ISBN:9780553212440)
              The Bronze Bow  (ISBN:9780395137192)
              Eric Liddell: Something Greater Than Gold (ISBN-13: 978-1576581377)
Copy Fee: $35 per student
Tuition: ​$370 per year/$37 per month

MS Writing and Grammar
Teacher:  Shona Bracco
Description:  The ability to write well is a crucial skill for our students. This year we will work on strengthening those skills with a variety of activities. During class, students will spend time on grammar review, learn a variety of writing styles, and expand their vocabulary.
At home, students can expect to spend time completing grammar pages, learning vocabulary words and completing writing assignments. During the year we will write a variety of essays to include narrative, persuasive, and informative. 
This class has a 2-year rotation of assignments so that students can take this in both 7th and 8th grade.  
Text: Easy Grammar Plus Workbook (ISBN: 9780936981147)
          Easy Grammar Plus Student Test Booklet (ISBN: 9780936981536)
Copy Fee:  $35
Tuition:  $370 per year/$37 per month

HS Literature I - Introduction to Literature
DescriptionIntroduction to Literature is designed to provide a strong foundation for all upper-level literature classes.  Key concepts of plot, characterization, setting, language and theme are emphasized.  Students will develop the ability to read, think and write about literature analytically.  They will fill up their toolbox for the task of analysis by learning literary terms and devices, by practicing the skill of asking what, why and how questions of the text and by discussing, debating and defending their discoveries with classmates.  We will read many short stories and poems as well as two novels and a play.  Writing assignments are focused on developing the skills necessary to write an outstanding, end-of-year, five-paragraph analytical essay.
This class is appropriate for any student new to literary analysis (9th -12th grade).  Some writing experience is a must (ie. the ability to write a cohesive paragraph and some exposure to writing a five-paragraph essay). 
Weekly assignment – Reading and responsive writings as well as worksheets to aid in analysis.  Occasional videos to maximize instructional time. Memorization of literary terms. 

Teacher: Mary Bergman
Text: Novels –Scythe (a modern dystopian tale) and To Kill a Mockingbird
Short stories, poetry and other resources will be provided by the teacher

Copy Fee:$35
Tuition: $420 per year/$42 per month

This class is a Hybrid Class and meets on Wednesdays ONCE A MONTH and utilizes an online format for the remaining weeks of the month. 

Creative Writing - The Imagination of the Heart
Teacher:   Ashley Wilda
Description:  Novels, poetry, picture books, short stories--creative writing encompasses these and many more, covering a wide range of genres, such as adventure, science-fiction, contemporary, romance, coming-of-age, and more. As children, we all love stories, and as we grow older, we often become fascinated by the power of words to convey emotion and meaning... we may even try our hand at writing our own stories. And this is what creative writing is all about--enjoying and learning from other's words while using our own to craft unique, authentic stories only we can tell. In this course, we will read and write widely, learning about craft, voice, and the larger literary canon of youth literature, while also learning a lot about our own hearts.
Tuition:  $345 per year/$34.50 per month. 

This class is a Hybrid Class and meets on Wednesdays ONCE A MONTH and utilizes an online format for the remaining weeks of the month. 
Movies as Literature
Teacher:  Mary Bergman
Description:  In this literary analysis class, movies provide the literature (the short stories) for our analysis!  For each unit of study, the students will watch the movie at home using a watching guide to prepare for in-class discussion.  Monthly in-class time will be used to talk through the movie – focusing on the elements of good storytelling, identifying and responding to the movie’s messages and understanding the techniques the filmmaker uses to impact the viewer.  Just as we do in all literature classes, we will ask - What do we see? How is the author (the filmmaker) using this to persuade, to inform and to entertain?  The final two weeks of the month will be online and will be spent evaluating the movie in light of our discussion and preparing a personal response to a movie-related prompt.  During this time, the students will receive instruction in analytically writing and speaking. The ultimate goal of the class is to help the students develop the ability to think critically about the messages put forth in any form of media – to not just consume, but to evaluate – and then to  clearly and persuasively share their understanding orally and in writing. 
Students need access to the following movies:    Raiders of the Lost Ark, A Raisin in the Sun, Chariots of Fire, The Quiet Man, Emma, ET, The Philadelphia Story
Copy Fee:  $20 per year per student
​Tuition:  $345 per year/$34.50 per month

9 - 10th Grade Literature with Composition: World Literature 
Description: Writers around the world tell stories about the issues that come up again and again in every culture - heroes and their struggles, misunderstandings between people, and tragedies and their impact on individuals and communities.   In this class, the students will examine these issues across cultures and through time through the study of novels, short stories, poems and plays.  They will examine the use of characterization, setting, plot structure and language to determine, analyze and evaluate the author’s message related to these issues.  Students will be given many opportunities to discuss, debate and defend their discoveries. The goal of World Literature is that the students would grow in their ability to read, think and write analytically. 
This class is designed for 9th – 11th graders who have completed an Introduction to High School Literature class (or have equivalent knowledge of literary analysis) and who have some writing experience (ie. ability to write a cohesive paragraph and experience writing a 5-paragraph essay). 
Common weekly assignment – Reading and responsive writings. Worksheets to aid in analysis.  Occasional videos to maximize instructional time. 

Teacher: Mary Bergman
Text: Novels –Things Fall Apart, No Fear Shakespeare: Hamlet,  Night
Short stories, poetry and other resources provided by the teacher
Copy Fee:  $35
Tuition: $445 per year/ $44.50 per month

11 - 12th Grade Literature and Composition: American Literature
Description: In this class, we journey from the early writings of the Puritans and the Founding Fathers through the Romantic period of the early 1800s to post-Civil War Realism and on to Modern and Contemporary novels, short stories and poetry.  Studying American literature chronologically gives us a deeper understanding of our history and of the changes in life and thought in America.  Ralph Waldo Emerson referred to books as “the mind of the past”.  A study of history gives us a record of what people did, while a study of literature gives us a record of what they were thinking at the time. Profound differences in beliefs and values are expressed in American literature over the years.  A study of these differences should create in us a questioning attitude about the thinking of the authors we read - and even our own thinking.  This class is designed to facilitate this questioning. We practice reading thoughtfully and carefully, questioning the text, analyzing what we read and then making arguments/assertions based on this.  The students are given the opportunity to craft arguments with strong evidence and clear reasoning and then present this both in writing and verbally. 
**Please note that this class meets two times per week.  This provides ample time for modeling the reading, thinking and writing that is necessary for deep understanding and for providing feedback as the students practice these skills. 
This class is designed for students who have completed Introduction to Literature (or have equivalent knowledge of literary analysis) and are ready for an upper-level literature class.  Students should be comfortable writing a five-paragraph essay.  Please talk to Mrs. Bergman if you have questions about your student’s placement in this class. 
Common weekly assignments – Reading and responsive writings, worksheets to aid in analysis, Occasional videos to maximize instructional time.  

Teacher: Mary Bergman
Text: Novels  - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, The Scarlet Letter, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, The Great Gatsby
Short stories, poetry and other resources provided by the teacher
Copy Fee: $35
Tuition:  $445 per year/$44.50 per month

High School Writing and Grammar 1
Prerequisite: Student should be able to recognize all parts of speech and have written a short essay before (approximately 9th grade)
Description: The primary goal of this class is the development of organized essay writing; your student will practice the key skill of written communication, an essential for high school and beyond. Course content will include various writing formats such as cause and effect, process, and comparison and contrast. Research skills will be stressed with paragraphs and then essays as well as outlines, summaries, and source citing. Grammar lessons  focus on labeling parts of speech and then applying grammar principles to writing. The basics of comma usage and subject-verb agreement will also teach students to write correctly and creatively. Vocabulary lessons stress word usage and reading comprehension. In summary, this course will provide your student with essential writing skills.
Teacher:  Abigail Grove
Copy fee: $35
Text: Teacher will provide texts
Tuition: $395 per year/$39.50 per month

High School Writing and Grammar 2
Prerequisite: High School Writing and Grammar or comparable course; approximately 10th grade and up
Description: In this course, students will hone their organization and creativity in writing. The primary goal of this course is to learn to research well; utilizing various resources and texts, writing assignments include an abundance of research related skills such as note-taking, outlining, source citing and quoting. Also, the second focus is to add style and persuasion to student writing. Students evaluate and respond to persuasive articles to help prepare for the SAT essay. The course will continue to review the basics of grammar and mechanics, and significant time will be spent on varied sentence structure. Using college preparatory materials, vocabulary studies will also be a major focus of the class.
Teacher: Abigail Grove
Text: Advancing Vocabulary Skills: Short Version by Sherrie L. Nist (2009, ISBN-10: 1591941946 ISBN-13: 978-1591941941)
Copy fee: $30
Tuition: $395 per year/$39.50 per month

College Preparatory Writing
NOTE: Placement must be confirmed based on writing samples submitted along with registration forms. (advanced juniors or seniors)
Description:  Using various resources including early college level assignments, this class will offer variety of writing experiences including opinion, research, narrative, and descriptive assignments. It will also introduce specific tips for the essay writing portion of the SAT. To help the student prepare for college, this class will stress source integration in writing along with overall paper construction and editing.Thorough lessons in writing mechanics (punctuation, grammar, etc.) will be conducted as well, and vocabulary words will be taken from SAT study guides. This challenging course will bolster and polish your student's writing.
Teacher:  Abigail Grove
Text:The Blue Book of Punctuation and Grammar by Jane Straus and They Say, I Say by Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein (3rd edition; ISBN-13: 978-0393935844)
Copy fee: $30
Tuition: $445 per year/$44.50 per month

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