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MS Bible
Teacher:  Jerry Varner
Description: Middle school is tough. The Bible can be a tough book to understand. Put those two things together and it's a tough job to help young students read, study, and grow from the greatest book ever written. This class will take students by the hand and allow them lots of opportunities for discussion, questioning, and understanding at their own level and in a way that fits them developmentally. Expect interaction, conversation, laughter, and learning.
Copy Fee:   $10
Tuition:  $370 per year/$37.00 per month

HS Bible
Teacher:  Jerry Varner
Description: This year's class will be entitled REVELATION AND RELIGIONS. During the first semester, 
 students will get an in-depth study of the book of Revelation. We will study methodically and systematically through the entire book of Revelation. Students will come away with a deep(er) appreciation of this astounding book. 
The second semester we will shift gears and look at major world religions and even focusing on the most prevalent religions practiced in our area of central VA so that students can feel equipped to engage in meaningful conversation with those of various beliefs and worldviews.
Text:  First semester text: Understanding World Religions in 15 Minutes a Day,  by Garry R. Morgan ; Second semester text TBD
Copy Fee:   $10
Tuition:  $395 per year/$39.50 per month

Teacher:  Andrew Dunks
Description:  Classical fencing is an excellent sport for all ages and levels of athleticism. As in any martial art, the disciplined mastery of techniques and the ability to out-think an opponent is more important than raw athletic ability. In fact, fencing appeals to many youths who might not otherwise be interested in athletics.
Though not yet as popular as Olympic-style “sport” fencing, many have found classical fencing to be a more satisfying experience. It is also safer and in the long run much less expensive than sport fencing.
- A fencing mask (these can be purchased through any number of online retailers, and their websites will tell you how to measure head size for proper fit). Cost is around $50 and the cheapest is perfectly safe.
- A pair of thin gloves (these protect the swords from rusting due to sweat)
- Loose clothing, athletic shoes of any kind except high-tops or jogging shoes
You may NOT bring your own sword. Most replica swords are designed for display only, and their blades are not tempered for flexibility and safe sparring. If any student wants to continue fencing after the course and purchase their own fencing sword, I will guide them in this.
Supply Fee:  
Tuition Fee: $445.00 per semester/$44.50 per month

SAT Prep - 12-week Class (Thursday 12:25-1:25 in Spring Semester)
Teacher:  Denise Barisano 
Description:  This twelve-week course will help prepare your student for the SAT through practice tests, weekly reading, vocabulary lists, reviewing attack strategies, and weekly Q&A.   It is designed to provide students with the tools to allow each student to perform at his or her best on the SAT.  Class will consist of three classes focused on Critical Reading, three classes focused on Critical Writing and three classes focused on Math with an additional class focused on the optional Essay.  Students will practice basic SAT testing strategies and work on the three areas of the new SAT test. The course will focus on developing critical thinking skills and using alternative methods to solve problems. Subjects covered include: when (not) to use a calculator, choosing an answer by process of elimination, grammar review, and metacognition. While whole group instruction will be integral to our class sessions, students will also work in small groups and independently to ensure optimal individual progress.  The math portion covers a review of Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II through sample problems. The reading/writing portion will include great test-taking tips for understanding vocabulary context, identifying passage tone and purpose and the intent of the author through evidence. Students will have assignments on the discussed skills as well as practice sessions in class and at home.
Text: The Official SAT Study Guide (ISBN 978-1-4573-1219-9)
Tuition Fee: $200.00 per semester course/$40.00 per month 
(Fall Session payable Aug-Dec and Spring Session payable Jan-May)
Copy/Supply Fee:  $5

Personal Finance - One Semester Class (Thursdays in Fall OR Mondays in Spring)
Teacher: Denise Barisano (2019-2020)
Description:  This 15-week class will be geared for the average junior.  It will teach and prepare students for the adult responsibility of finances and will utilize Dave Ramsey's Foundations in Personal Finance homeschool curriculum.  We will look at finances and economics with a Christian perspective and how it applies to us.  Projects and discussions will make finances come alive and help students realize that they can get on track NOW for their financial future!
Text: Foundations in Personal Finance workbooks will be ordered for you. The workbook is included in the tuition fee.
Copy/Supply Fee:  $5
Tuition Fee: $150.00 per semester/$15.00 per month if paid over full year

Multimedia Visual “ArtZ” Classes for Middle and High Schoolers 
Teacher: Mary Johnson
Description: All levels of artistic talent welcome!
Individual instruction is an important part of this class!
Talent is given by God. Our gift to Him is fulfilling it…This course is designed for students who desire further study in the fine arts field. Emphasis will be made on developing old and learning new techniques in the areas of drawing, painting, sculpting and collaging. Media to be covered: graphite and colored pencil drawing-watercolor and acrylic painting-charcoal, chalk and oil pastel sketching-clay sculpting.  Artist grade materials are used for most projects. During the school year, students work on 4 independent projects of their choice. The curriculum includes studying and recreating famous works of art. 
Grades are based on classroom attendance and participation. This course does not regularly utilize Engrade. Please feel free to email Mrs. Johnson with any [email protected]
Supply Fee:  $35.00 per student per year includes all art supplies.
Tuition Fee: $395.00 per year/$39.50 per month

Culinary Arts
Description: This course will be taught from the premise that health begins in the kitchen.  Using a complete culinary arts curriculum, students will learn basic cooking techniques, kitchen safety, knife skills, as well as meal planning and food preparation.  
Supplies: Each student will need their own chef’s knife, small cutting board, and a full apron.
Copy/Supply Fee:  $70 per student per year
Tuition Fee: $395.00 per year/$39.50 per month

MS/HS Sign Language I
Teacher:  Jeannette Gratz
Description: In beginning ASL, we will be learning Deaf history and culture, letters, numbers, hand shapes, basic conversational skills, as well as lots of vocabulary. We will even learn to tell stories in sign language! The order in which we will learn these skills are in a scientifically proven way of learning where the most used words are learned first so that conversation can happen quickly! This is going to be a fun, somewhat fast paced class! Please be sure to bring a notebook and something to write with to every class!
Copy/Supply Fee:  $10 per student per year
Tuition Fee: $395.00 per year/$39.50 per month

MS/HS Sign Language 2
Teacher:  Jeannette Gratz
Description: Sign Language 2 will delve even deeper into the language. You will learn more advanced vocabulary and will be able to have real and deep conversations with Deaf people. We will also dive into a little interpreting just for fun!

Copy/Supply Fee:  $10 per student per year
Tuition Fee: $395.00 per year/$39.50 per month

Digital Photography 
Teacher:  Sarah Tarabocchia
Description: This course builds the foundation for visual literacy regarding both form and content of photographic images. The elements and principles of design as they relate to photographic composition are emphasized. Students learn framing within the viewfinder and explore various compositional principles. Students also learn to examine images critically through weekly critiques of their own works. Comprehension and mastering the use and functions of the digital SLR camera are the major emphasis of this course. Digital processing techniques are introduced using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop but are not required for the student to purchase. In-class demonstrations will be provided. Class participation and outside assignments using their DSLR camera is required for this course and is the majority of the emphasis for grading purposes. No textbook is required for this course. All materials beyond the camera will be provided for them, however, there is a copy fee. Students must have access to a computer to download digital files and share them via internet.  Feel free to email Mrs. Tarabocchia with specific questions:  [email protected]
Required Equipment:  DSLR Camera with lens
Copy/Supply Fee:  $20 per student per year
Tuition Fee: $395.00 per year/$39.50 per month

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