7-12 Electives

Culinary Arts
Tanya Williamson
This course will teach all the basics of kitchen equipment, cooking terms, and a variety of cooking methods.  We begin with kitchen safety and knife skills, as well as meal planning and food preparation.  Includes instruction in recipe and menu planning, preparing and cooking of foods, aesthetics of food presentation, and familiarity or mastery of a wide variety of cuisines and culinary techniques.
Supplies: Each student will need their own chef’s knife, a bench scraper, small cutting board, and a full apron. Optional:  8-10" STAINLESS STEEL Skillet.

Copy/Supply Fee: 
 $70 per student per year
Tuition Fee: 
$395.00 per year/$39.50 per month

Multimedia Visual “ArtZ” Classes for Middle and High Schoolers 
Teacher: Mary Johnson
Description: All levels of artistic talent welcome!
Individual instruction is an important part of this class!
Talent is given by God. Our gift to Him is fulfilling it…This course is designed for students who desire further study in the fine arts field. Emphasis will be made on developing old and learning new techniques in the areas of drawing, painting, sculpting and collaging. Media to be covered: graphite and colored pencil drawing-watercolor and acrylic painting-charcoal, chalk and oil pastel sketching-clay sculpting.  Artist grade materials are used for most projects. During the school year, students work on 4 independent projects of their choice. The curriculum includes studying and recreating famous works of art. 
Grades are based on classroom attendance and participation. This course does not regularly utilize Igrade. Please feel free to email Mrs. Johnson with any [email protected]
Supply Fee:  $35.00 per student per year includes all art supplies.
Tuition Fee: $395.00 per year/$39.50 per month

Digital Photography 
Teacher:  Sarah Tarabocchia
Description: This course builds the foundation for visual literacy regarding both form and content of photographic images. The elements and principles of design as they relate to photographic composition are emphasized. Students learn framing within the viewfinder and explore various compositional principles. Students also learn to examine images critically through weekly critiques of their own works. Comprehension and mastering the use and functions of the digital SLR camera are the major emphasis of this course. Digital processing techniques are introduced using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop but are not required for the student to purchase. In-class demonstrations will be provided. Class participation and outside assignments using their DSLR camera is required for this course and is the majority of the emphasis for grading purposes. No textbook is required for this course. All materials beyond the camera will be provided for them, however, there is a copy fee. Students must have access to a computer to download digital files and share them via internet.  Feel free to email Mrs. Tarabocchia with specific questions:  [email protected]
Required Equipment:  DSLR Camera with lens
Copy/Supply Fee:  $20 per student per year
Tuition Fee: $395.00 per year/$39.50 per month

 Teachers:  Mary Bergman and Denise Barisano
 Description:  This 12- week course is designed to provide each student with the tools to perform at his or her best on the SAT.  Students will practice basic SAT testing strategies and work 3 weeks on Critical reading, 3 weeks on Critical Writing, 3 weeks on Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2), 1 week on the optional essay, and then one week of review.  Students will have assignments on the discussed skills as well as practice sessions in class and at home.
 Text:  The Official SAT Study Guide 2020 Edition; ISBN 978-1457312199
 Copy Fee:  $5
Tuition: $200.00 per semester/$40.00 per month

High School- Life Skills
Teacher: Shona Bracco
Description: This one-semester class is geared for upper-level high school students. Join us for a hands-on approach to preparing your students for adult life. We will cover a variety of topics to include: money management and investing, personality assessments to aid in college/career planning, home skills (ironing, mending, menu planning,)  organizational skills (calendar planning, time management), career planning (resume, interviewing), civic duties (voting, volunteer) and several other topics. 
Text: Your Money Counts: The Biblical Guide to Earning, Spending, Saving, Investing, Giving, and Getting Out of Debt ( ISBN-13: 978-1414359496) 
Copy/Supply Fee: $40 per student
Class Maximum: 10 students
Tuition:  $200 per semester/$40 per month