5-6 Classes


Teacher: Kristen Brown
Description:  More details coming soon!  What is STEM Club?  STEM Club focuses on motivating students' interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Through the use of the scientific method, students are launched into discovery. The program offers an opportunity to get excited about the world of Engineering and Mathematics with hands-on projects.
Supply/Copy Fee: TBD
Tuition: $195 per year/$19/50 per month

3-6 Kids in the Kitchen 

Teacher: Tanya Williamson
Description:  This hands-on class will introduce third through sixth graders to basic cooking skills.   Students will learn how to use basic, age-appropriate kitchen equipment and learn skills such as baking, roasting, boiling, steaming, pan-frying and stir-frying. Incorporated into the hands-on class, students will be introduced to basic nutrition facts and learn how to make healthy choices in the kitchen!!
Maximum:  10 Students
Supply Fee:  $25 per student per year
Tuition: $195per year/$19.50 per month

5th-6th Grade Math Reinforcement and Games 
Teacher:  Tracy Francis
Description:   At CCA, we want students to know that math doesn't need to be hard and can even be FUN!  This class will reinforce topics generally covered for an advanced 5th grade or average 6th grade math student.  We will focus on activities and games while seeing how math is used in daily life.  Parents will be able to message ahead of time with topics students are having difficulty with.  A small portion of the class will be open questions from whatever students are working on in an effort to help with tough topics being covered at home.  
Textbook:  Students will just bring whatever math book they are using at home to be able to ask questions.
Copy Fee:  $25 per student per year
Tuition: $125 per year/$12.50 per month

5-6 Spanish
Teacher: Lucy Gregory
Description: Students are introduced to the Spanish language in a fun, interactive and educational way. Your child will practice listening, speaking, reading, and writing the language as he or she learns more about Spanish vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Built-in flashcards are part of each page. The back of each worktext page includes a dictation exercise, a Bible verse, a Bible truth, a Bible song, or a recipe from a country emphasized in the unit. We will have the opportunity of having Extra credit assignments to broaden our knowledge of the Spanish culture and we'll be making a couple of Spanish recipes throughout the year. This class is a wonderful way to engage your child into loving the Spanish language. 
Textbook:  TBA
Copy Fee: $20 per student per year

Tuition Fee: $345 per year/$34.50 per month

5-6 Visual "Artz" 
Teacher:  Mary Johnson
Description: Every class is filled with age-appropriate hands-on activities that broaden art knowledge. Students discover that each artist has a unique and distinctive style including themselves!  We believe it is important to introduce students to many different mediums and various techniques so they have the skills needed to express their creativity. This course covers a wide variety of projects including acrylic, tempera and watercolor painting, clay sculpting, graphite, colored pencil and pastel drawing, multimedia collaging and a few surprises! We also study and recreate famous works of art.  Join us for a year filled with art activities, projects and fun! The Supply/Copy fee covers all art materials for each class.  Grades are based on classroom attendance and participation.  This course does not regularly utilize Igrade. 
Maximum:  14 students
Supply/Copy Fee:  $35.00 (includes all supplies)
Tuition Fee: $345.00 per year/$34.50 per month

Science 5/6
Teacher:  Holly Hood
Description: In science class this year we will be delving more deeply into the study of fossils, dinosaurs, rocks, matter, heat, energy, climate, ecosystems, and human body systems.  Class time will be spent on the introduction of new material, and then hands-on activities and experiments.  The activity manual will help reinforce the new material at home, and biweekly quizzes will be given to ensure mastery of each chapter’s new concepts and vocabulary.  This class will not only give a thorough review of grade-appropriate topics but also inspire curiosity, wonder, and appreciation of God’s creation.
TEXT: BJU Science 5 (*4th edition),  Text and Activity Manual
Supply fee: $35
Tuition:  $345 per year/$34.50 per month

5-6 Writing and Grammar  
Teacher:  Brooker Miller
Description: Beginning with laying a firm foundation of solid paragraph construction, students will strengthen their academic writing skills brick by brick. Through instruction and class activities, they will spend considerable time learning how to systematically brainstorm and organize their ideas to create well-written paragraphs and cohesive essays. Students will learn to work through the complete writing process through narrative, descriptive, creative, persuasive, explanatory and informative writing. As their experience and confidence grows, students will progress from single paragraphs to a five-paragraph essay. Grammar instruction centers around solidifying the parts of speech along with proper usage and mechanics.
Text: Growing with Grammar, Level 6 (Student Manual & Student Workbook)
Copy/Supply Fee: $30
Tuition Fee: $345.00 per year/$34.50 per month

5-6 Literature  
Teacher:  Brooke Miller
Description: A fun and thoughtful Introduction to Literature class. This course is designed to get the intermediate-age student to improve reading comprehension and critical thinking through a variety of novels, as well as fiction and nonfiction articles. Students will read a variety of genres and learn about plot structure and character development while practicing the art of conversation with fellow students. The novel genres include: a memoir, mystery, and science fiction. In-class activities and projects will allow students to explore their gifts and passions, as well as expand their creativity and thinking skills. Whether you have an avid reader or a reluctant one, this class is intended to excite and encourage a desire and appreciation to read and understand literature.
Text: Comprehension Plus, Level E, Student Workbook, Modern Curriculum Press, Novels: No Summit Out of Sight by Jordan Romero, The 100-Year-Old Secret: The Sherlock Files #1 by Tracy Barrett, and The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart.
Copy/Supply Fee: $30
Tuition Fee: $345.00 per year/$34.50 per month

5-6 History
Teacher: Kristen Brown 
We are going to study World History from a Christian world view, using Notgrass From Adam to Us Part 2: Castles to Computers.  Our study will start in 1301 and continue to current events. We will explore Early Renaissance, Revolutions, and Quests for Freedom. Along the way we will read short biographies on people of the world.  We will read from the textbook and look at beautiful illustrations and photography.  We will incorporate mapping, as well as fun worksheets and discussion questions. 
 Text:  From Adam to Us Part 2:  Castles to Computers, From Adam to Us Map book, From Adam to Us Student Workbook. 
Copy Fee: $25
Tuition Fee: $345.00 per year/$34.50 per month

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