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3-4 Visual "Artz"
Teacher:  Mary Johnson
Description: Every class is filled with age-appropriate hands-on activities that broaden art knowledge. Students discover that each artist has a unique and distinctive style including themselves!  We believe it is important to introduce students to many different mediums and various techniques so they have the skills needed to express their creativity. This course covers a wide variety of projects including acrylic, tempera and watercolor painting, clay sculpting, graphite, colored pencil and oil and chalk pastel drawing, multimedia collaging and a few surprises! We also study and recreate famous works of art. 
Join us for a year filled with art activities, projects and fun! The Supply/Copy fee covers all art materials for each class.  Grades are based on classroom attendance and participation.  This course does not regularly utilize Engrade.
 Maximum:  14 students
Supply/Copy Fee:  $32.00 (includes all supplies)
Tuition Fee: $345.00 per year/$34.50 per month

3-4 Language Arts  
Teacher: Sarah Oden
Description: This combination class is sure to get the creative juices flowing.  As students read novels from various genres, they will begin to look for common characteristics.  What makes a “good story”?  What literary elements does an author use? We will explore these topics as well as build comprehension skills through reading a variety of nonfiction articles. Students will become proficient in the writing process as they practice writing a variety of age-appropriate genres including creative, narrative and expository.  Games and activities will be used to introduce new skills including prewriting exercises, sentence structure, proper paragraph form, adding descriptive detail and self-editing.  Rubrics will be used for grading.  Students will have opportunities to collaborate in class presentations. 
Grammar usage and mechanics will be incorporated as well as a study on the parts of speech.  Games and mini-lessons will be used to introduce concepts in bite-size pieces.  The goal for this class is to encourage a love for reading and to build knowledge and confidence for budding authors!
Text:  Easy Grammar: Grade 4 Student Workbook
           Comprehension Plus, Level C, Student Workbook, Modern Curriculum Press
 Novels:  The Great Detective Race (Boxcar Children Mysteries, #115) by Gertrude Chandler Warner, The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman, a biography of the student’s choice, and access to various poetry collections (library copies are fine).
 Copy/Supply Fee:  $25
Tuition Fee: $345.00 per year/$34.50 per month

3-4 Science
Teacher:  Holly Hood
Description: The students will be investigating God's world through a biblical worldview. Our class will actively explore animals, plants, ecosystems, matter, sounds, weather, the solar system, human body and more.  Experiments and projects are included for a hands-on, interactive year of science!! Class time will be spent on lively discussion, fun review games and hands-on activities.
Text: Science 3 BJU press, fourth edition; text and activity manual. * Quiz and test booklet optional for at home use.
Supply Fee: $30
Tuition Fee: $345.00 per year/$34.50 per month

3-4 Grade History/Social Studies
Teacher: Kristin Brown
Description:  This class will have three main points of focus:  Virginia Studies, US Geography, and American Pioneers. US Geography will be a portion of the class content throughout the year. Learning each of our 50 states, their capital, the abbreviation and their location.  We will learn 3/week and a fun fact along the way. 
The Virginia Studies keeps us at home learning about our state which happens to be a great introduction to US History!  We will use a variety of resources to learn more about mapping skills, VA geography, civics, economics and who and how people from VA have impacted our country.
Then the American Pioneer focus, we will read stories about pioneer children and families who faced many adventures as they traveled west to expand our country. 
Text:  The Star-Spangled Workbook (workbook only), Virginia History (Heinemann State Studies) - this is possible to change depending on availability, American Pioneers and Patriots (2nd Edition)
Copy Fee: $30
Tuition Fee: $345.00 per year/$34.50 per month

1st -4th Grade Enrichment
Teacher:  Multiple
Description:  This fun class will include four distinct sessions lasting 6-8 weeks each that will prove to keep your student excited about coming to class each week!!
1st Session:
Life Skills taught by Joy Moody
This session will include all kinds of fun things for our youngest students including nutrition, safety, manners/etiquette, anatomy, etc!
2nd Session:
Fun with Foreign Languages taught by Tarus Woelk
This session will explore different foreign languages including Spanish, French, Latin and Arabic while taking a look at how their holidays are celebrated!
3rd Session (tentative):
Music taught by Darla Hancock
In this session, students will learn about music and how to play a recorder.
4th Session:
Nature Club taught by Stephanie York
From engaging in a nature scavenger hunt to examining owl pellets, students will explore
many aspects of nature.
Tuition:  $345 per year/$34.50 per month

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