1-2 Visual "Artz"
Teacher:  Mary Johnson
Description: Every class is filled with age-appropriate hands-on activities that broaden art knowledge. Students discover that each artist has a unique and distinctive style including-themselves!  We believe it is important to introduce students to many different mediums and various techniques so they have the skills needed to express their creativity. This course covers a wide variety of projects including acrylic, tempera and watercolor painting, clay sculpting, graphite, colored pencil and oil and chalk pastel drawing, multimedia collaging and a few surprises! We also study and recreate famous works of art. 
Join us for a year filled with art activities, projects, and fun! The Supply/Copy fee covers all art materials for each class.  Grades are based on classroom attendance and participation.  This course does not regularly utilize Engrade. 
Maximum:  14 students
Supply/Copy Fee:  $32.00 (includes all supplies)
Tuition Fee: $345.00 per year/$34.50 per month

1-2 Language Arts   
Teacher: Sarah Oden
Description:  This class will introduce young learners to the wonderful world of language arts.  We will explore the rules and structure of our language, including capitalization, punctuation, compound words, synonyms, antonyms, plurals, contractions, the basic parts of speech, and more.  Fun games and activities in class will help solidify these rules.  Young students will discover tools for writing as they investigate the different types of sentences, how to form complete sentences, main ideas, and supporting details.  By the end of the year, students will be able to write short paragraphs. To add joy to our journey, we will read several picture books and enjoy some fun activities in class to go along with the theme of the story.  Monthly “book talks” will motivate students to read even more books as they hear the recommendations from each other. We will work together to reach our goal of reading 100 books and celebrate with an ice cream party!  This class is designed to excite and encourage your young one. 
Text:  A Beka  Language 2 Seatwork Text, Third Edition
Books:  Each month students will select a book of their choice and reading level to read at home and then share with the class in our monthly “Book Talks”.  Various picture books and poems will be provided by the teacher for enjoyment in class.
Copy/Supply Fee: $25
Tuition Fee:  $345 per year/$34.50 per month

1- 2 Science
Teacher:  Kristin Brown
Description:  We will start with an introduction to What is science?  What is a scientist? What does a scientist do?  We will learn that there are different areas of science and that that word covers a lot!  Then, we will be Following the natural curiosity of kids and their body, learning how our parts work.  Things like our 5 senses and how the eye, ears, nose, mouth and skin all work and how they work together.  We will also look at our systems/organs like heart/circulatory, lungs/respiratory, stomach/digestive, bones/skeletal, muscles/muscular.  We will also be doing STEM challenges along the way possibly using storybooks.  EX.  Reading the Three Little Pigs, then trying to build a structure (with a specific set of materials) that the wolf cannot blow down.
Text: TBD if any.  A list of books used for the challenges will be given at the beginning of the year
Copy Fee: $40 will include most reading for the body and all supplies
Tuition Fee: $345 per year/$34.50 per month

1-2 Social Studies 
Teacher:  Kristin Brown
Description:  This class focuses on learning social studies ideas and concepts to build a foundation for future studies of geography, culture, and history.  Concepts may include community, citizenship, government, map skills, American symbols, culture, and holidays, economics and history. 
Texts:  Pearson My World Social Studies “Doing Our Part” and Map book will be determined.
Copy Fee:  $25
Tuition: $345 per year/$34.50 per month

1st -4th Grade Enrichment
Teacher:  Multiple
Description:  This fun class will include four distinct sessions lasting 6-8 weeks each that will prove to keep your student excited about coming to class each week!!
1st Session:
Life Skills taught by Joy Moody
This session will include all kinds of fun things for our youngest students including nutrition, safety, manners/etiquette, anatomy, etc!
2nd Session:
Fun with Foreign Languages taught by Tarus Woelk
This session will explore different foreign languages including Spanish, French, Latin and Arabic while taking a look at how their holidays are celebrated!
3rd Session (tentative):
Music taught by Darla Hancock
In this session, students will learn about music and how to play a recorder.
4th Session:
Nature Club taught by Stephanie York
From engaging in a nature scavenger hunt to examining owl pellets, students will explore
many aspects of nature.
Tuition:  $345 per year/$34.50 per month