Mrs. Bowen has a degree in secondary education but has found over the years that her favorite age range is 5th through 8th grade.   Mrs. Bowen spent many years at home raising her daughters but has a lot of experience in the classroom with students.  Not only does she have classroom experience in the middle school range, but she also has held many volunteer positions with children including Children's Program Teacher, Asst. Direct and Director with Community Bible Study since 2004.

Meet Our Teachers

Denise Barisano

Trish Bowen

Kristin Brown

Denise graduated from The College of Charleston with a B.S. in Mathematics and worked in healthcare management and banking while accompanying her Army husband, Gregg, around the United States and Germany. Denise and Gregg have two daughters, Natalie and Kathryn, and as of last year, a son-in- law Josh. Denise homeschooled for 8 years and both girls have now graduated from James Madison University. Denise has been blessed to be a part of the CCA staff for the past 8 years and she thoroughly enjoys teaching and getting to know each student
Mrs. Bowen has a degree in secondary education but has found over the years that her favorite age range is 5th through 8th grade.   Mrs. Bowen spent many years at home raising her daughters but has a lot of experience in the classroom with students.  Not only does she have classroom experience in the middle school range, but she also has held many volunteer positions with children including Children's Program Teacher, Asst. Direct and Director with Community Bible Study since 2004.
Kristin has a Bachelor of Science in Education with an emphasis in Exercise Physiology from Va Tech.  After graduating, but before getting married and starting her family, she worked in Tucson, AZ and Winston-Salem, NC as a wellness coordinator and instructor and spent one summer as a program directorat a camp in Connecticutfor children with special needs.  When she moved to Richmond In 2005, she began staying at home to focus on her family. She participated as a teacher at a homeschool preschool co-op before beginning to homeschool 9 years ago.  She believes that learning can be fun and enjoys helping others learn something new!
Kristin and her husband have 2 girls ages 16 and 13.  They all spend most of their free time  at the softball fields!

Mary Bergman

Andrew Dunks

Tracy Francis

Tracy graduated in three years from Barton College with a degree in Mathematics 
and a concentration in Education.  She taught high school math for three years in Hanover County before starting a family.  Tracy home educated her own children for seventeen years.  Her daughter is a 2014 Liberty University graduate and was married in Spring 2016.  Her son attends Eastern Nazarene College in Boston, MA to play baseball.  Tracy has been with the academy from the beginning and enjoys being able to follow both of her passions:  teaching math in the classroom and being deeply involved in the lives of her husband and  "children" and will soon become a grandmother! Tracy also works with  Ms. Williamson as one of the directors of CCA. 
Mary holds a  BA in English from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.   She married her husband Brad in 1992 and began life as a wife of a US Marine.  They lived in North Carolina, Hawaii, Louisiana and South Carolina before settling in Richmond.  During these military years, She was privileged to teach and mentor children from a variety of backgrounds and in a variety of environments. She and Brad have three children, ages 19, 15 and 11 whom they have home schooled for many years. One of her greatest joys is working with children and young adults, teaching, encouraging and cheering them on to the life God has for them.   
Andrew Dunks has had more than 20 years of fencing experience, and won many tournaments as a high school and collegiate fencer.  He has been studying classical rapier fencing for almost a decade.  Rev. Dunks currently serves as pastor to a small congregation in Richmond.  He previously served as chaplain and teacher at several private Christian high schools, where he taught Biblical Studies, Philosophy, Ethics, and The Works of C.S. Lewis during the class day, and coached fencing after school.  He is married with two grown children, and needs to keep fencing so he won’t get fat.​ 

Lucy Gregory

Abigail Grove

Holly Hood

Lucy was born in Venezuela, South America.  Spanish is my native language. The Lord brought me to this beautiful country at the young age of sixteen, where I attended Lakewood Sr. High School, and graduated in 1999. Since I was a young girl in Venezuela, I've had a passion to learn the English language and was intrigued by the american culture. I've been married to my American husband, Chris who I met in St. Petersburg, FL,  twenty  years ago. Currently, we have been married for over seventeen years, with  three beautiful daughters that I have homeschooled since 2013...what a blessing! Our daughters are also bilingual, which we believe could potentially open more opportunities for their future endeavors. I successfully completed a Teacher's Aid course and taught BJU Spanish 1 & 2 to our High School Homeschool families at our church. More importantly, I love to serve the Lord by coming alongside CCA families interested in obtaining the required foreign language credit, and becoming familiar with the Spanish language and culture.  

Abigail Pegram Grove is a homeschool graduate with experience teaching students ages 6-18. She holds an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. For 13 years, she has offered classes throughout the Richmond homeschool community in writing, grammar, literature, and history. Her heartfelt desire is to offer academic instruction to supplement home education and to aid students in the development of an organized, engaging writing style. Abigail and her husband, Allen, live in Chesterfield with their baby son, and they enjoy Star Wars marathons and late night discussions about Harry Potter, faith, and basketball.

Holly Hood graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Biblical studies. She taught for six years before coming home to raise and teach her own three children. She has been a homeschooling mom for the past thirteen years  and has been the director of a homeschool program for the past eight. She loves teaching children and is looking forward to teaching your child.

Jackie Jimenez

Mary Johnson

Katie Learned

Jackie was born to Cuban parents in southern California. Her love for the Spanish language, it's rich culture and history started where she grew up. Later, she studied Spanish at Cerritos College. She became a student teacher at the age of 18. At the age of  21, she married her sweetheart and a few years later, they started their family. California is where she started homeschooling her three daughters until they moved to Virginia in 1998. She homeschooled for 16 years and has been teaching/tutoring Spanish for 10 years. She is also a Spanish court interpreter for Virginia. Today she continues to what she loves the most: spending time with her husband, David, her daughters, teaching & working with the Spanish-speaking community through a non-profit organization called Youth Life Foundation of Richmond.
Mary studied interior design at John Tyler Community College and has been active in this field for many years.  For seven years Mary, worked as a preschool instructor both as a lead teacher and as the dedicated art teacher. In 2008, Mary joined the Young Rembrandts organization as the program coordinator.  In addition to her administrative duties, she was a certified drawing instructor for grades K-8.   From 2010 to today, Mary has taught a variety of programs at Chesterfield Christian Academy for all grades. As the visual art instructor, she encourages students to practice and improve skills, both artistic and academic. Most importantly she enjoys watching her students’ confidence grow as their creative abilities mature.  Mary continues her visual art training attending weekly adult painting and drawing classes.  Mary and her husband have resided in Chesterfield County since childhood.  
Married for 36 years, Mary is a loving wife and mother. Her two sons attend Longwood University pursuing  degrees in Accounting and Criminal Justice.
Formerly homeschooled, Katie holds a Bachelor degree in Mathematics and has a passion for the subject. Katie has been teaching and tutoring homeschool students in the Richmond area for upwards of five years. She enjoys gardening, reads an absurd number of math-related books, and during breaks finds herself inexorably drawn to Khan Academy’s upper level math videos and/or bios of famous mathematicians from days past. (Archimedes anyone?)

Melissa Mathes

Sarah Oden

Anna Rogness

Melissa graduated from St. Mary's School of Practical Nursing in 1999 and has worked full time as a pediatric nurse for 18 years. She took 4 years of Dramatic Arts in highschool and has always maintained her love for drama. She spends most of her days at work trying to find new ways to bring laughter to her patients and the staff. She has homeschooled her 3 children from the beginning who are now ages 15,13 and 11.

Sarah graduated from Olivet Nazarene University with a B.S. in Elementary Education with an endorsement in Language Arts and History for grades K-8.  Prior to having children, she taught 6-8 grade Remedial Reading and Writing in Chesterfield County Public Schools along with tutoring through the county’s Homebound Education Program.  She also was a tutor for Sylvan Learning Centers.  Sarah enjoys connecting with each of her students and helping them attain their personal best.  A native of Chesterfield, she is married to her best friend, Travis.  They have been homeschooling their six children from the beginning.
Anna holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics Education and a Music Minor from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech). She has been employed by JTCC as a math instructor over the past five years.  Concurrently, Anna teaches High School math courses to home schooled students and tutors on the side.  She has been involved in this capacity for over 20 years while raising and homeschooling her own four children.  Anna started out the first four years of her career teaching in the public school system of Chesterfield County, Virginia.  Anna also enjoys participating in activities at her local church, leading the middle and high school youth ministries with her husband, playing saxophone on the worship team and spending her summers in Bolivia at an orphanage that is dear to her heart.  Some of her other hobbies include sailing, hiking, scrapbooking, and snuggling her puppy.

Amy Tolston

Jerry Varner

Tanya Williamson

Amy grew up in a military family and has lived in nine different states and one US territory (Guam).  In adult life she has traveled to five countries outside of the US.  She has a passion for at-risk teenagers and is currently a therapeutic foster parent.  She enjoys teaching many different life skills, especially cooking.  She is also passionate about cultural geography, and tries to learn about various cultures and lands whenever she has time at home.  She has also volunteered as a family advocate with a refugee resettlement program. 
A graduate of Nyack College (Nyack, NY) with a bachelors degree in Bible and Student Ministry, Jerry has been in full time student ministry for over 22 years now. He has spoken to students all over the country about what it means to love Jesus, be His Church, and love His Word. He has been with CCA for several years, with an approach to teaching that is fun, conversational, and thought provoking. Students who go through Jerry's classes has said they feel better equipped for life after high school as they live out their faith in Christ. Jerry is a dad to four and a husband to one.
Tanya homeschooled 3 children for 7 years and has successfully sent one homeschooled child to college on a full academic scholarship.  Prior to homeschooling, Tanya taught at Heritage Christian Academy where she developed, implemented, and taught a program for gifted students.  Also at HCA, Tanya taught the 3rd grade.  Her education includes degrees in English Literature from Christopher Newport University, Early Childhood Development from JTCC, and History from Mary Baldwin College.  Since entering the homeschool arena, Tanya has worked to become well-versed in homeschool curriculum and appropriate benchmarks for students.  While history has been her main teaching endeavor at CCA, this year she has returned to  a former love of medicine and returned to school herself.  Tanya is currently studying to become a licensed Nutritional Therapy Practioner and expanding her scope of knowledge.   In addition to teaching, Tanya enjoys working with Ms. Francis directing CCA and fulfilling all the various administrative duties.  

Stephanie York

Tarus Woelk

Tarus is a Richmond native and is married with three kids and two dogs. She has been homeschooling for 13 years. Her two oldest have transitioned very successfully, both socially and academically, to Manchester High after being homeschooled through 8th grade. Her youngest continues to be homeschooled. 
She was a public high school teacher in NC prior to being a mom, plus taught at the community college level. Her family lived in India for several years where she taught 3rd grade at an international school that used a classical methodology. Upon returning to the States, she tutored Essentials for six years and was a Challenge A director for two years with Classical Conversations.
Tarus holds an Associate from JS Reynolds in Computer Information Systems; Bachelor from VCU in Production Operations both cum laude; Masters from UNCG in Business and Marketing Education.  Her passion include cultures, languages, travel and shopping for bargains.

Stephanie is a graduate of VCU with degrees in Education and Psychology.  
Prior to having children she was an elementary teacher in Chesterfield County.  
She also has experience directing a Christian preschool and implemented 
a private Kindergarten program.  Stephanie is the mother of three boys that she homeschooled for seven years.

Push for Success, Andrew Lee 

CCA has partnered with Andrew Lee, the owner of Push for Success to offer off-site PE classes!!
Here is a more about Andrew Lee:
Andrew Lee is the Head Strength & Speed Coach of Push4Success where they specialize in protecting kids from ACL and Overuse Injuries through teaching proper movement patterns for jumping, running, flexibility, and mobility training. 
His passion for helping kids become better stems from his own experience with his high school wrestling coaches who helped him when he needed it most. His program is not so much fitness only, but designed to help kids learn how to be the best they can be through learning life long healthy habits. 
His education and experiences are second to none within the field of Strength & Conditioning. Combined with his 16 plus years in the industry his Masters Degree and Internships with Olympic Athletes with Husker Athletics have made him the Coach he is today. 
You can find him on social media at:
Twitter @push4success1
Instagram @push4success1