Application/ Registration

Application/Registration Requirements

  1. Testimony/Spiritual Reference
    Testimony/Spiritual Reference
    Based on a student's age, each student is required to either have a spiritual reference or complete a spiritual testimony form. This should either accompany your application, be mailed in, or be brought to your interview.
  2. Medical Form
    This is a PAPER form that needs to be submitted with your application and kept on file at CCA in the event your child becomes sick and needs medical attention. This is different than the online Emergency Contact information.
  3. Handbook Signature Form
    Over the summer, each family will receive an updated CCA Handbook with our rules and guidelines for behavior. The signature page will be an online link for you and your children to sign after you go through the handbook together.
  4. Emergency Information
    This is an online form that families need to fill out before the first day of class. This information will be share with all your child's teacher so they can access this information in the classroom. This is different than the paper medical form.
Application Form
Grades K-5
​Spiritual Reference Form

Grades 6-12
Testimony Form
Medical Form