I am so thankful for Chesterfield Christian Academy.  My son has been able to take all his upper level courses there and has enjoyed all the classes. 
I am very impressed at how organized everything is and how available the teachers are to help the students.

   We have been homeschooling for 15 years.  Over all those years, we have tried many curriculums and methods of teaching our children.  Chesterfield Christian Academy is the best of the best.  The instruction our girls receive is excellent.  Their teachers know their subject matter and are well prepared.  CCA is a place where our position as parents and our children’s abilities are respected. Our girls, on their own, strive to do their best, as they do not want to disappoint their teachers.  The peer pressure is positive, and both our girls have good friends at the academy.   CCA will definitely have a place in our homeschool plan for next year.

Ed & Susan Snowa
Chesterfield Christian Academy was certainly an answer to prayer for our family.  As a parent, I have found a wonderful support group of parents that help encourage me and also hold me accountable as I homeschool my four children.  My children have found some wonderful friends.  We have all benefited from the wonderful teachers that love the subjects they are teaching as much as they love the students they are teaching.  CCA is quite the blessing.
Kimberly Kern
Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Can I write one check for my first tuition payment and all of the copy fees?
Unfortunately that answer is no.  Please write tuition payments to CCA.  Copy and supply fees need to be paid directly to each teacher with separate checks.
2.  Do I need to do a spiritual reference/testimony form each year?
No, if we have a form on file, you do not need to redo it each year.
3. Do I need to order all books or will CCA provide them?
Each family is responsible for ordering their own textbooks.  There are a few exceptions in which we do have some books for lease.  In this case, you will be contacted by the teacher. 
4.  What is CCA's phone number?
CCA does not have an office phone.  The best way to contact us is via email.  During the school year, our email is checked several times daily.
5.  Does CCA provide report cards and transcripts?
As a homeschooling parent, by law, you are the only person who can issue your child's official grades and credits.  CCA will provide grades for the work completed with our tutors, but the grades are for your reference only. 
6.  How do I know what classes my child needs and how many credits he/she needs to graduate?
Here are links to help you determine what your child needs to graduate:



You may call HEAV and they can help answer any specific questions you may have.  Also, many college websites now have links to information they require from homeschooling students for admission. 

Frequently Asked Questions